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Convert any content or knowledge into a Conversational AI tutor and share it with 100s of students worldwide.

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WHY create an AI Tutor?

Trusted by 100s of Companies Globally....

Clone it into anyone you want it to be

Reduce efforts to grow 100X times faster

Reduce your workload without your physical presence every time and leave it to the AI Tutor to help you Grow and share your content and knowledge to 100s of Learners at ANYTIME and ANYWHERE

Clone yourself into a AI Tutor

Turn yourself into an AI chatbot with customized knowledge and content who thinks and response like you.
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Turn an SME into an AI Tutor

Turn any SME into an AI chatbot with their knowledge, content and skills.
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Create an AI Coaches

To coach the students in any niche, the AI tutor needs to be trained with all the content and intent which the coach possesses.
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Coach & Mentor Your Audience 24/7

Make you AI Tutor available 24/7 and you can charge additionally for this facility
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Access to full to control

Sell customized AI Tutors to clients with Commercial intent.
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Embed Anywhere & So Much More

An AI tutor which fits in all roles and can be embedded anywhere from a website to any educational platform.
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Step 1: Upload your Content

Upload your content in various formats, including text documents, e-books, company manuals, video recordings (like Zoom meetings), and audio recordings (such as podcasts). The AI tutor learns your desired content in minutes and turns into a trainer just like you.

Step 2: Test the Tutor's Response for Customization

Through role play, test the tutor’s responses to sample questions and evaluate if the answers need to be modified as per your learners’ requirements, it is crucial for customizing the learning experience.

Step 3: Publish the AI Tutor Anytime and Anywhere

Publishing the AI tutor on websites or within courses to increase interactivity and rapidly solve learners’ problems.


Simple but powerful features of AI tutor

Let’s explore how AI tutor Instantly adapts to Learner's requirements

Voice Recognition

The AI Tutor recognizes the Learners voice and feeling creating a more natural and engaging learning environment for better knowledge retention.

Personalized Learning Journeys

By adapting to each learner’s pace and understanding, the AI ensures that learners are not overwhelmed or bored, optimizing the learning experience for each person.

Easy Integration and Accessibility

The AI tutor is available as a mobile app, It can be easy integrated into a website and online courses.

Guarantees Content Security and Data Privacy

Your content remains secure, never shared on the internet, and is only accessible to your designated learners.

Adaptive and
Effective Learning

An AI tutor who listens, Learns, speaks, writes, observes, thinks, and empathizes with the learners.

Emotional recognition

Learning ignites feelings like awe, curiosity, enthusiasm, and anger, and the AI tutor leverages these emotions to deliver precise analysis for enhanced student learning.

Seamless Communication

The AI tutor ensures an easy and seamless exchange of information in the form of text, Voiceovers, and an AI spokesperson video.

Correct and Useful Responses

It instantly provides clear, concise, and accurate explanations for complex questions, thus increasing learners’ engagement and, in turn, the course completion rate.

Choose a Plan

Which Best suits Your needs & helps You Grow

AI Tutor

Experience Personalized Learning With The AI Tutor.

Bill monthly and Save More

$69 / user / monthly billed
$49 / user / annually billed

Note:- Additional setup and training cost

Note: If you exceed your credit limit then an extra payment will be charged for the additional credits used.


Let’s see how you can transform your training and onboarding with the CogniSpark AI Tutor

Training with 360° Solution

One-Stop solution for All of your need

One Stop Solution that
Caters to ALL

Reduced course creation costs By 70%

Increase course  Accuracy: 100%

Create A training Classroom Globally

Make your courses come to life with the AI tutor

AI Tutor with Avatar

Respond to queries with an AI spokesperson video

Responsive Learning

Embed AI Tutor anytime, anywhere with ease

Smart Learning

Learn concepts in a smart and quick way

Instant Feedback

Don't keep your learners waiting for response

24/7 Availability

No one shall be left unheard

A Personalized Tutor for every Learner

Enable anyone to create impactful content

It’s like magic! You can elevate your courses to the next level and save loads of time and money in the process. You’ve got to give it a go!

Why is an AI tutor required?

Employee Training

The customer’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have limited availability to address the large number of students’ requests to address their issues. They were interested in embracing a data-first academic culture and leveraging AI services to support the delivery of education to their student base.


CogniSpark’s AI tutor platform that helps SME’s create an AI tutor that assists students across multiple learning contexts and domains, evaluating coursework and providing real-time feedback, creating a personalized learning experience even outside the classroom.

Here come in the other use cases where the AI tutor can ease out their workload

Clone Yourself

Replicate your expertise using AI Tutor for endless, scalable mentoring.

Kids' Education

AI Tutor offers engaging and personalized lessons that adapt to each child’s learning pace and style.

Customer Support

Streamline support with AI Tutor providing instant and accurate answers to customer queries.

Sales Training

Boost sales performance with AI-led scenarios, techniques, and feedback loops. Financial Advisor: 

AI Therapist

Provide continuous and supportive guidance with an empathetic AI Tutor designed for mental wellness.

Leadership Coach

Cultivate leadership skills through AI Tutor’s customized coaching sessions and insights.

Onboarding Assistant

Accelerate new hire readiness with AI Tutor guiding them through the onboarding journey.

Simulations and Role Play

Enhance decision-making and problem-solving skills with AI Tutor-driven simulations.

Your Data is secure with Us

Our product, processes, and systems are designed to protect your data throughout the entire process, from creating your account to publishing your course.

No Matter which Industry You Belong to

Our eLearning Authoring Tool provides everything you need for your course creation needs.

Awards & Recognition

Works perfectly with 150+ popular LMS

Integrate it with any LMS or LXP as the course are scorm compliant – scorm 2004 or Scorm 1.2 

CogniSpark AI

Create eLearning content at scale for training purposes


What Clients are Saying

Questions & Answers

Any Questions? Find here.

Don’t find your answer here? just send us a message for any query.

It is an advanced educational tool that uses artificial intelligence to provide personalized learning experiences. It assists learners by delivering customized content, answering questions, and adapting the learning pace to individual needs.

While the AI tutor can offer personalized assistance and facilitate learning, it’s not designed to replace human teachers. It complements traditional education by providing additional support and resources.

Yes, it can be tailored to different age groups and learning levels, from primary school to higher education and even adult learning.

It analyses the questions asked by the learners and then adjusts the content, difficulty level, and teaching style accordingly.

Absolutely, the can assist the learners by providing explanations, step-by-step solutions, and relevant resources to aid understanding.

It’s uniqueness lies in its ability to adapt in real-time, provide instant feedback and simplify complex course topics for better knowledge retention. It can also be integrated into any LMS or LXP for better learning experience.