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The best easy-to-use authoring tool that enables HR & L&D teams to scale up course content creation, capture expertise, and enhance learning quality, all while reducing time and expenses.

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Reduced course creation costs By 70%

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Get answers to your specific questions and find out Why CogniSpark is the right choice for your training needs

Book a Demo Now !

Get answers to your specific questions and find out Why CogniSpark is the right choice for your training needs


Your Quest for the perfect The eLearning course creation tool ends here!

Quick and EASY TO USE Authoring

There is no need to build eLearning courses from scratch. This user-friendly, quick eLearning Authoring Tool allows authors to make appealing courses in minutes without sacrificing quality.

All in solution for course CUSTOMIZATION

Customize the course based on your learners’ needs, using AI tools and gamification features that bring the information to life and keep learners interested.

Bite-size Micro Learning Courses INSTANTLY

Microlearning courses developed with the AI eLearning Authoring Tool are quick, easy to consume, and five times more effective than longer courses.

Implement AI to reduce manual EFFORT & COST

Automated course creation with interactive elements using generative AI by just inputting the title and description.

AI Spokesperson video for INTERACTIVITY

Videos are an effective way to engage with your audience. Creating a video with an AI spokesperson to explain complex topics improves knowledge retention.

Create courses in 75+ LANGUAGES

The AI translator with 75+ languages, such as Spanish, German, French, and Arabic, as well as regional languages such as Hindi, Marathi, and Telugu.

100s of COURSES Templates

Empower your teams with an ever-expanding collection of ready-made eLearning courses that can be utilized directly, or you can customize them using the authoring tool.

INSTANT FEEDBACK for Learners with Integrated AI Tutor

Learners need help understanding certain complex course content. Here, the AI tutor helps respond swiftly to questions and prompt feedback for better knowledge retention.

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Authoring Tool
AI eLearning authoring Tool ✨
eLearning Authoring Tool
AI Spokesperson Video Generator✨
12 Hours
AI Voiceover ✨
12 Hours
40 Hours
AI Translator Tool ✨
3000 Pages
AI Content Generator ✨
200 Pages
AI Text to Image ✨
3000 images
7000 images
AI-Powered Course Conversion (PPT & PDF) ✨
Collaboration Tool (share courses and feedback)
Embed Courses
Cloud storage
150 GB
350 GB
Screen & Webcam Recorder
Scorm Support
Support with Customer Success Manager
Support Email


View the beautiful courses created using the AI eLearning authoring tool and see how it works 

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Training with 360° Solution

One-Stop solution for All of your need

Cognispark AI

Enable anyone to create impactful content

It’s like magic! You can elevate your courses to the next level and save loads of time and money in the process. You’ve got to give it a go!


Make your boring presentations engaging for students using PPT to SCORM AI tool for teachers.

Inbuilt Screen

An AI based seamless tool for educators to capture and share educational content in real-time.

Prebuilt Course

Offers a of ready-to-use course templates, streamlining content creation for educators.

AI Video

Showcase your videos with an AI spokesperson and edit them with stunning titles, music and images.


Concise videos to cater to the modern learner’s preference for short, impactful lessons.

AI Translator

Translate your content into more than 75 languages to create a learner classroom globally.

AI Voiceover

Create a voiceover for better student understanding  during a course.

AI Content

This AI tool for education ensures precise educational content creation within mintues.


Offers a secure, accessible platform for storing and retrieving educational materials.


Advanced Quizzes offer students a tailored evaluation, adjusting to their skill levels.

Branching &

Create self-paced learning scenarios, take on adaptive learning to make learning selective for users.


Export and embed content into your preferred LMS or LXP, including Paradiso, Docebo and more. 

Your Data is secure with Us

Our product, processes, and systems are designed to protect your data throughout the entire process, from creating your account to publishing your course.

No Matter which Industry You Belong to

Our eLearning Authoring Tool provides everything you need for your course creation needs.

Awards & Recognition

Works perfectly with 150+ popular LMS

Integrate it with any LMS or LXP as the course are scorm compliant – scorm 2004 or Scorm 1.2 

CogniSpark AI

Create eLearning content at scale for training purposes


What Clients are Saying

Questions & Answers

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Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you can still use CogniSpark AI eLearning Authoring Tool. It is designed to be user-friendly with no need for special skills or a steep learning curve.

Absolutely! It runs directly in your internet browser, so you can use it on any computer with an internet connection. There’s no need to install anything or worry about updates.

You can create engaging, Workplace learning, Micro Learning, Interactive, and Responsive videos. 

Yes, the software includes support for multiple languages for translation in various forms.

CogniSpark AI has 900 voices from Standard to Neural.

There may be limitations on the amount of content you can create depending on your subscription plan.