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Imagine a Corporate training room - Just describe it with the AI image generator, and it will craft for use within a minute.


Enable anyone to create impactful content

It’s like magic! Elevate your courses to the next level and save loads of time and money in the process. You’ve got to give it a go!

Type A Prompt

Type your words in the text field – As a caption or make it more descriptive with specifications. 

Generate Image

Click on ‘Generate Image’ and watch pictures appear on your screen based on your text! 

Export and save

Download your image or embed it in the course or video you want to create for your learners. 

What is an AI Text to Image Generator?

Create images from text with this magical AI Image Generator – it’s as simple as typing and clicking! Our smart technology uses your text to instantly produce images right in your browser. Just enter a text prompt, hit ‘Generate Image,’ and see your visuals come to life on the spot.

Why do we need an AI image generator?

Save time with Insta-Art Magic

Turn text into art you desire for with a click

Unblock Creativity 24/7

Say goodbye to creative blocks! An AI image generator keeps the ideas flowing 24/7

Style-Shift in minutes

Turn your creative ideas into images with different styles and colour within minutes

Art for Everyone

No degree required just toss in a text prompt and let the AI handle it.


Let’s See How Cognispark Can Help You Convert Text To Images

Free text to image converter by CogniSpark fuels creativity with various styles from elegant to dynamic, including trendy Art and Anime options. Enhance your image creation effortlessly with our AI generator.

Free Online AI Image Generator

This online tool lets you generate AI images right in your browser. Simply enter text, and get AI-created images instantly, which you can use in your courses for better design.

User-Friendly Text-to-Image Tool

CogniSpark has user-friendly interface means you just type and download your AI image. Its machine learning technology improves results as you try different prompts.

Quick Content on Demand

Produce up to nine image variations quickly. You can adjust resolution, quality, and how closely the image matches your prompt. If you like a particular style reset the similarity to get more options.

Custom Results with CogniSpark

More than a basic text to image AI generator, CogniSpark lets you tailor images to your specific needs. Switch styles, from digital art to neon effects, tweak colors, lighting, and more until you achieve the desired look.

Creative Solutions for Everyone

Non-designers can quickly stretch their creativity with prompt results in seconds. Designers can explore ideas without spending hours on exercises, following inspiration wherever it leads. CogniSpark makes creative design accessible to all!


Turn your words into images within minutes

Partner Training

Glimpses Of A Herd Of Wild Elephants Crossing A Savanna

Sales Training

Excitement And Energy Of A Music Festival

Employee Training

Beauty And Tranquility Of A Mindfulness Meditation Session

Employee Onboarding

Depicting A Sustainable Future With Renewable Energy Sources

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Questions & Answers

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An AI image generator is a software tool that creates images from text descriptions using artificial intelligence technology. 

Text-to-image AI uses neural networks and algorithms to interpret text prompts and generate corresponding visual content. 

Yes, you can utilize an AI image generator to convert text into images, allowing you to visualize your ideas easily. 

AI image generators can create a wide range of visuals, from lifelike human faces to artistic compositions and scenes.

Yes, many AI text-to-image generators offer free versions or trials, enabling you to explore their capabilities without cost.