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Transform your Ideas into Interactive Training with Generative AI

Enhance workplace training with CogniSpark for better employee productivity and business growth

ai in corporate training


Workplace training and learning AI solutions

ai in corporate training

Save time and Cost

Create employee training specific courses in minutes not hours or weeks.
ai in corporate training

Enhanced Accuracy

Create a customer training content library within minutes with 100%.
ai in corporate training

Reach globally

Create a product training classroom globally with generative AI with conversion into 75+ languages.


Why CogniSpark?

CogniSpark – Your Partner in corporate training
ai in corporate training

A simple user interface for creating better training content

No worries if you’re not a training course creator. CogniSpark Studio lets anyone, from corporate trainers to managers, create engaging courses within minutes. It’s an all-in-one content creation platform with an intuitive interface

Create Micro learning nudges for employee knowledge retention

Break down you are training or product description video or course into multiple short courses which can be shared over a span of time for better understanding and lead to an increase in productivity.
ai in corporate training
ai in corporate training

Create a training room by sharing your content instantly.

Turn your official documents, PowerPoint presentations, word documents and product details into interactive courses with the AI eLearning Authoring Tool. Then share a direct link of the created course with your employees or integrate it with any LMS or LXP.

Enhance training with the AI tutor

The AI tutor simplifies complex concepts. Helps create simulations for scenario-based training of employees for critical thinking and problem-solving situations. They can also test their product knowledge using the AI tutor’s quiz feature.

ai in corporate training
ai in corporate training

Increase employee's productivity with AI

You can make your training sessions more exciting by adding quizzes, images, explanatory videos, FAQs and simulations. You can generate these courses using the AI eLearning Authoring Tool or even customize it as per your requirements from scratch.

Create Informative Product Videos

Using the AI spokesperson and screen recording create educational videos that can streamline corporate learning. These videos excel in simplifying complex concepts and providing extensive, step-by-step lessons on any business-related topics.

ai in corporate training


Enterprise ready solution for corporates

CogniSpark – Your Partner in corporate training
ai in corporate training
ai in corporate training
ai in corporate training
ai in corporate training


Enable anyone to create impactful content

It’s like magic! Elevate your courses to the next level and save loads of time and money in the process. You’ve got to give it a go!


Make your boring presentations engaging for employees and customers using PPT to SCORM AI tool for trainers.

Inbuilt Screen

An AI based seamless tool for the corporate sector to capture and share training content in real-time.

Prebuilt Course

Offers a of ready-to-use course templates, streamlining content creation for trainers.

AI Video

Showcase your videos with an AI spokesperson and edit them with stunning titles, music and images.


Concise videos to cater to the modern learner’s preference for short, impactful lessons.

CogniSpark Translator

Translate your content into more than 75 languages to create a learner classroom globally.

CogniSpark Voiceover

Create a voiceover for better knowledge retention during a course.

AI Content

This AI tool for corporate ensures precise training content creation within mintues.


Offers a secure, accessible platform for storing and retrieving training materials.

Choice based Simulations

Real life like scenario based training helps enhance the understanding and productivity of the employees.

Branching &

Create self-paced learning scenarios, take on adaptive learning to make learning selective for users.


Export and embed content into your preferred LMS or LXP, including Paradiso, Docebo and more. 


Works perfectly with 150+ popular LMS

SCORM or embedded eLearning content custom courses and course hub-links to be added give cross links


Now Create Instant corporate training solution that Sticks.


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AI video generator
AI tools for education empower teachers and educators to create engaging and personalised learning experiences for students. These tools can automate content creation, offer interactive learning elements, and even provide AI tutors to simplify complex concepts.
In higher education, AI tools enhance efficiency by automating administrative tasks, improving student engagement through interactive content, and offering multilingual support to reach a global audience.
Yes, there are free AI tools for teachers that can help in creating content, conducting assessments, and enhancing the overall learning experience. CogniSpark offers some of these free tools.
Online learning content creation tools, powered by AI, enable educators to quickly convert their educational materials into engaging online courses. This not only saves time but also enhances the learning experience.
CogniSpark stands out as the best AI course creator for teachers due to its user-friendly interface, extensive features, and the ability to generate interactive, customisable courses that cater to diverse learning needs.
Creating an online course with AI for students is simple with CogniSpark. Just name your course, provide a brief description, and specify the number of slides, images, quizzes, and videos needed. The platform will generate a custom course for you, which can be shared easily with your students.