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Easily automate AI Voiceovers at scale

With the CogniSpark text to speech converter one can create amazing voiceovers with realistic voices.

Text to Speech Converter

 Exclusive Features Of CogniSpark Text to Speech

Text to Speech Converter

Multiple Languages

The speech or audio conversion available is multi linguistic, thus helping the person to understand the content with ease in their own language.

Realistic Voices

The text to speech feature surely helps you to create varied audio files with existing text data or any document file, thus making it self-explanatory and easier to grasp.

Text to Speech Converter
Text to Speech Converter

Unique Avatars

Experience unique customized avatars to engage your learners

Get high-quality AI voiceovers and
localize content

CogniSpark text to speech converter is a useful tool to convert any text into lifelike speech, thus allowing you to create various media content such as audio books, podcasts, voice contents and also applications that talk, and build entirely new categories of speech-enabled products.

Text to speech

Text to Speech Converter

Powerful text-to-speech capabilities

Content Enhancement
Create content with natural-sounding voices for human touch. Modify the pronunciation of certain words with the pronunciation editor Edit Effortlessly
Edit Effortlessly
The text-to-speech generator helps you create an audio book smoothly without any hitch. Mute or beep out any part of text/sentence, thus creating a Cost effective version of e learning book with natural sounds.
Our Text to Speech converter helps you with a voice-over to add comments in your presentation, videos, and E- learning books.
Share with Ease
Store & redistribute speech easily via social media. Synthesize Large Text directly to your desired storage device.

Get over the expensive and traditional voiceover creation with CogniSpark Text to Speech Converter

Create voiceovers in a flash with
CogniSpark Text to Speech Converter

We have a voiceover for every content creator. Make your content more engaging with our Text to speech and speech to text converter

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Text to Speech Converter

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Text to Speech Converter

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Text to Speech Converter


Text to Speech Converter



Text to Speech Converter


Text to Speech Converter


Text to Speech Converter

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