Effectively Create PowerPoint to SCORM Courses In Minutes

Craft SCORM-Ready Courses from PowerPoint, Videos, and PDFs Effortlessly with Our User-Friendly AI eLearning Authoring Tool.

Why Convert PowerPoint to SCORM?

As traditional classroom methods evolve into eLearning, content must be SCORM-compatible for smooth integration with any LMS or LXP. CogniSpark eLearning Authoring tool makes it easy to transform PPTs, videos, PDFs, and images into interactive SCORM courses.  

PowerPoint to SCORM


Creating PowerPoint to SCORM courses
As Simple As Taking Simple Steps

You can work in a familiar setting! Develop courses with simple steps in a jiffy

PowerPoint to scorm

Reduce Cost

PowerPoint to scorm

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PowerPoint to scorm

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Convert PowerPoint to SCORM Courses In Minutes

CogniSpark PowerPoint to Scorm converter provides an efficient answer for creating engaging eLearning courses. With our Standard eLearning Authoring Tool, you have the option to construct entire courses from scratch, while the AI eLearning Authoring Tool generates a full course of 50 slides automatically, including realistic human spokesperson videos and images.  


Explore how the eLearning Authoring tool simplifies the course creation process with its unique AI tools for corporate training and helps you enhance employee engagement. 


Top Key Features of an eLearning Authoring Tool to Convert PPT to SCORM

Deliver SCORM courses to any device

With a few simple steps, CogniSpark AI PPT to Scorm converter converts PowerPoint to SCORM format. The most enticing feature of this function is its ability to keep animations, clickable links, photos, and videos in their original state.

PowerPoint to SCORM
PowerPoint to SCORM

Invest less on Course Creation

Cut your spending. Instead of purchasing courses and employing a team of experts to build them, make professional-looking content on your own by using the AI eLearning Authoring Tool and convert ppt to Scorm format within minutes.  

Optimize your PowerPoint materials for SCORM

Start building your content library in CogniSpark. When you turn your PowerPoint to Scorm you can share this library of interactive courses with trainers and educators and reuse them in future e-learning content.  

PowerPoint to SCORM
PowerPoint to SCORM

Convert Screen Recordings to Course Content

The Course creator comes with a useful feature of screen recording. Using this feature, you can easily turn your important screen recordings into course content. This saves a lot of time and effort and makes the content stay forever in one place for further use.  

Works perfectly with 150+ popular LMS

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Making SCORM courses on CogniSpark ppt to scorm converter is very simple and quick. Just click on to the publish button and download the content as a SCORM file. The content will be downloaded in the latest SCORM format.  

Yes, before purchasing the authoring tool you can take a free trial to know the useful functioning of it. You can then opt for a subscription and use the effective features ahead.

Paradiso LMS supports SCORM 1.2 or 2004 therefore it can be easily integrated with the LMS and function efficiently. However, if you have already purchased another LMS then the authoring tool will still be compatible with it. practical knowledge and decision-making skills.  

SCORM stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model. It represents a global standard for e-learning courses, guaranteeing that content is universally compatible with the majority of learning management systems. Publishing a course in the SCORM format ensures widespread acceptance and connectivity across multiple LMS platforms.  

Transforming PowerPoint to  SCORM provides the advantage of effortlessly integrating information into an LMS, allowing educators to track student progress. Using an LMS allows for the efficient distribution of eLearning content, especially when it complies to SCORM standards, assuring comprehensive tracking capabilities. Educators can now monitor slide interaction, sequencing, and course completion status. Additionally, learners have the ability to access these PPT-based courses on a variety of devices, including PCs and mobile devices.