Create Bite Size Microlearning Courses in Minutes

Deliver your online training program in bite-sized micolearning courses to engage your employees and help them hit training goals faster.

Microlearning Courses

Why do you Need Microlearning Courses?

Microlearning Courses

Helps your team learn better:

Micro learning courses are like quick, bite-sized lessons that are easy to understand. They give you useful information in a short time, helping you remember things better. And the best part? You can use what you learn right away!

People remember up to 4 new updates before forgetting.

Short, focused lessons work 10 times better.

People remember up to 4 new updates before forgetting.

Create microlearning courses in minutes

With minimal effort create micro learning courses using your existing resources—videos, articles, and images or just use the AI eLearning Authoring tool to create AI Automated bite size courses in minutes

CogniSpark AI

Why Choose us?

Quick and Easy with AI

An User-friendly AI solution which is easy to navigate and creates micro eLearning content within minutes. You can create it by simply entering the course title and a bit of description using AI.

Thus increasing productivity by 50%.

Microlearning Courses
Microlearning Courses

Increase Knowledge retention

The micro learning courses created using AI eLearning Authoring Tool are quick and easy to consume and 5 X times more effective than longer courses.

Increasing knowledge retention by 70%.

Global Reach

CogniSpark is ideal for global networks of learners. Translate your microlearning courses with one click into 75+ languages accurately and engage learners from diverse backgrounds and regions.

Microlearning Courses - Global reach
Microlearning Courses - Interactive

Effective and Interactive Training

Create highly effective and interactive learning content with quizzes, simulations, images, and videos for better engagement. Scaling up employee productivity and learners results 4X times.

Get Instant feedback with the AI tutor

Learners need help understanding certain complex course content. Here, the Industrial leading AI tutor helps respond swiftly to questions and prompt feedback.

Microlearning Courses - AI Tutor
Microlearning Courses - Responsive Learning

Responsive Learning

Provide employees with a great learning experience on whatever device they use, even if they don’t have an internet connection.

CogniSpark AI


Microlearning Courses


Convert your dull presentations into captivating Micro eLearning courses for your staff and clients by utilizing an AI-powered tool that converts PowerPoint (PPT) files into SCORM compliant content.
Microlearning Courses

Built-in eLearning Screen Recording

A cutting-edge AI-driven solution designed for businesses to effortlessly record and share training courses in real-time. This feature facilitates a smoother and more effective transfer of knowledge within corporate environments.
Microlearning Courses

AI Video Generator

Enhance your micro learning video content using an AI-driven virtual spokesperson and add compelling elements like dynamic titles, music, and visuals. This tool elevates video content with interactive features for improved engagement.
Microlearning Courses

eLearning Multilingual Support

Easily translate your micro learning courses into over 75+ languages, enabling access for a diverse global audience. This feature ensures inclusivity and broadens the reach of your training content.
Microlearning Courses

eLearning Voiceover

Leverage AI eLearning capabilities to generate high-quality voiceovers for your micro learning courses. This feature enables the creation of professional-grade audio content, enhancing the learning experience for learners.
Microlearning Courses

eLearning Translator

Expand your courses reach by translating it into over 75+ languages, making your learning environment accessible and inclusive for a global audience. It helps everyone understand and learn, no matter where they’re from.

Bite-sized is best. Create a free microlearning Course that fits into your team’s

Questions & Answers

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Microlearning is a method that breaks down complex information into small, digestible units, making it easier for learners to absorb and retain knowledge.
Microlearning courses are shorter and more focused, delivering specific learning objectives in short modules, unlike traditional courses that cover broader topics in longer sessions.
Micro eLearning provides flexibility, enabling learners to access short, targeted learning sessions at their convenience. It enhances knowledge retention due to its focused content and facilitates quick application of learning.
AI in eLearning personalizes the learning experience by analyzing individual learning patterns. In Microlearning, AI helps in curating and delivering tailored content suited to each learner’s preferences and needs.
Absolutely, Microlearning courses can complement existing training programs. They can serve as supplemental resources, providing quick refreshers or addressing specific skill gaps within larger training initiatives.