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Broadcast your news with a custom-created virtual AI news anchor in multiple languages

Here are some AI news examples for easing the process of news generation with CogniSpark.

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Brand creation videos

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Product explainer videos

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Brand creation videos


CogniSpark helps you design AI news videos with texts, voices, images and a human-like spokesperson in minutes!


Capture Your Audience's Attention!

Create outstanding AI news videos without the need for exclusive studios, actors, or cameras. Transform your video production process today with the help of our AI news anchor!

Create an engaging news story

Add professional voiceovers to your AI news video

Select your preferred AI News Anchor.


Edit and update your
news video with the AI video editor

Create multi-linguistic News Videos to increase likes, views and subscribers with the AI Video generator.

Scale up you’re learning and development requirements by making it engaging and interactive.

TExt to Speech

Let it turn text into voice, whether from a website, email, or document

AI video generator

Cost-efficient alternative to the complex traditional video creation

AI Image generator

Creates an image from a text description with Ai image generator

AI Content generator

Turn your keywords in SEO optimized blogs and articles

Speech to Text

Turn yours spoken words into text in real-time for emails & documents.

AI Video Editor

Trim and add images and text to create a engaging video


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AI video generator
CogniSpark’s voiceover software uses state-of-the-art text to speech converter to generate excellent, human-like voiceovers with exceptional accuracy.
Yes, you can customize the voice in CogniSpark voiceover software to match your AI news video preferences by regulating parameters such as voice type, tone, speed, and accent.
Yes, CogniSpark video generator produces appealing AI News Videos with operative visuals, graphics, and text to engage their users.
CogniSpark translator helps you translate your text into 75+ languages for a global audience reach. Thus, helping the News to reach any conner of the world within minutes.
Yes, the user-friendly AI video generator tool comprising of the: AI content generator, AI voiceover, AI image generator, AI video generator, AI video editor.
These tools are easy to use and all of them come under one platform.
When you utilize CogniSpark video generator to design news video, you preserve ownership of your work. CogniSpark respects your rights and confirms that any content produced utilizing its video generator belongs to you. However, it’s essential to confirm that your content and videos do not affect the rights of others.