speech to text software for windows

Top 10 Speech-to-Text Software for Windows

Introduction to Speech-to-Text Software for Windows

Transcribing spoken speech into written text is referred to as convert audio to text or audio into text. This can be helpful for a number of tasks, including captioning videos, transcription of interviews, and writing up minutes from meetings or lectures. We will examine the top 10 speech-to-text-software-for-windows out of the many that are available. 

Top 10 Speech to Text Software for Windows

CogniSpark Speech to Text Converter 

Powerful speech-to-text converter CogniSpark reliably converts audio data into written text by utilizing cutting-edge machine learning methods. It is straightforward and intuitive to use the programs, which makes it simple to convert audio to text. Additionally, it supports a large number of languages and is capable of handling various accents and dialects. 


CogniSpark Speech to Text Converter 

Google’s well-known productivity programs have a free speech-to-text feature called Google Docs Voice Typing. It supports several languages and allows users to immediately dictate content into a document. The programs rapidly and correctly transcribe audio files using Google’s advanced voice recognition technology. 


Dragon NaturallySpeaking 


Popular speech-to-text-software-for-windows for business use is called Dragon NaturallySpeaking. It includes cutting-edge capabilities like voice commands that let users operate their computer only with their voice. The program is also quite adaptable, having a variety of options that may be changed to meet the demands of various users. 


Windows Speech Recognition 

For Windows users, there is a built-in speech-to-text feature called Windows Speech Recognition. Users may dictate text into a number of programs, including Notepad and Microsoft Word. Microsoft’s voice recognition technology, which is renowned for its excellent accuracy and speed, is utilized by the programs. 


Express Scribe 

Express Scribe is a reputable speech-to-text program created especially for transcription of audio recordings. It supports several languages and is compatible with a variety of file types. Advanced capabilities like variable playback speed and a built-in foot pedal for hands-free transcribing are also included in the programs. 



With the help of the cloud-based speech-to-text program Speechpad, users may instantly convert audio recordings into written text. The programs are simple to use and support many different languages. Additionally, it has sophisticated capabilities like automatic punctuation that make it simple to convert audio into text.

IBM Watson

Speech to Text by IBM

The robust speech-to-text programs Speech to Text from IBM converts audio recordings into text using the company’s cutting-edge machine learning algorithms. The program works with a variety of file types and supports many languages. Additionally, it is sophisticated capabilities like speaker recognition that enable transcription of audio recordings with many speakers simple. 



Professional speech-to-text-software-for-windows called Speech matics provides cutting-edge capabilities including speaker recognition, automated punctuation, and support for several languages. The software’s straightforward and intuitive interface makes it easy to convert audio to text, and it is also user-friendly. 


VoiceNote II 

A speech-to-text-software-for-windows made specifically for use on mobile devices is called VoiceNote II. It enables users to immediately dictate text into the application, which then converts the audio into text. Multiple languages are supported by the programs, which also has cutting-edge capabilities including speaker identification and automated punctuation. 


Speech to Text by Microsoft 

Using cutting-edge voice recognition technology from Microsoft, audio recordings may be converted into text. The programs work with a variety of file types and supports many languages. Advanced capabilities like speaker recognition and automated punctuation are also included, making it simple to translate spoken words with complicated sentences or audio files with numerous speakers.
Speech to text converter

CogniSpark Speech to text Converter

 With the help of the potent speech-to-text-software-for-windows CogniSpark Material to Speech Converter, users may turn written text into spoken words. The programs support a large number of languages and voices and employs cutting-edge machine learning techniques to generate speech that sounds natural. It is simple to translate written text into spoken words using the user-friendly interface for a variety of applications, including making voiceovers, narrations, and assistive technology.


Finally, there are a variety of speech-to-text software for Windows, each with special features and functionalities. There is software available to suit any user’s needs, from the user-friendly CogniSpark Speech to Text Converter to the professional-grade Dragon NaturallySpeaking. These top 10 speech-to-text software for Windows will easily help you convert audio into text and audio into text, whether you need to transcribe audio files for work or personal use. 

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