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Templates can be used to create your very own entire employee handbook by using the eLearning Authoring tool

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We offer the following features:

Comprehensive content

The course consists of 18 slides divided, covering different types of employee training and development policies.

Knowledge check

At the end of the course, there is a penalty for misconduct information for the employee if they do not adhere to the above-given policies.

Reach employees globally

This employee handbook can be localized as per user requirements thus reaching employees across the globe.

Interactive e-learning content

The course includes infographics, voiceovers, images and an AI spokesperson explanatory video for better knowledge retention.

Personalize content

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Employee Handbook Template Description

This handbook can be used to clarify the rights and responsibilities, data security and confidentiality policy, and important procedures to be followed by all employees while employed at the company. This template was created using the CogniSpark eLearning Authoring tool, with engaging elements added using its varied AI tools. This eLearning course can be used as a starting point to create your very own handbook.

Here is the sample of EMPLOYEE HAND BOOK Template 

CogniSpark Employee Handbook Welcome to CogniSpark A Message from Our CEO Welcome to the team! At CogniSpark, we’re dedicated to transforming the eLearning landscape through AI-powered solutions. Our mission is to elevate engagement, boost productivity, and reduce training and education costs for professionals worldwide. Each of you plays a crucial role in realizing this vision, and we’re thrilled to have you with us. 

Our Mission and Vision

CogniSpark aims to be at the forefront of the eLearning industry, providing innovative, efficient, and cost-effective training solutions. Our vision is to empower educators and learners through technology, making learning accessible and engaging for everyone, everywhere. 

Company History

Founded by a team of passionate educators and technologists, CogniSpark has quickly become a leading name in AI-driven eLearning. Our journey is one of continuous innovation and dedication to excellence. 

The Importance of Your Role

Each member of our team contributes to our success. Whether you’re developing new technologies, supporting our users, or guiding our strategic direction, your work is vital to our mission. 

Employment Basics

  • Employment Contract Types

We offer various employment types to suit our diverse team, including full-time, part-time, internships, and apprenticeships. 

  • Equal Opportunity Employment

CogniSpark is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. We provide equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or genetics.

  • Recruitment and Selection Process

Our hiring process is designed to be transparent and fair, ensuring we bring on board talented individuals who share our values and vision.  

  • Attendance

Regular attendance is important for team cohesion and productivity. We expect all employees to adhere to their scheduled work hours and to communicate any absences as per our attendance policy.  

Workplace Policies

  • Confidentiality and Data Protection

 Protecting confidential information is paramount. Employees are expected to adhere to our data protection policies, safeguarding the integrity of our, and our clients’, information.  

  • Anti-Harassment and Violence

We maintain a zero-tolerance policy for harassment and violence. Respectful and professional conduct is expected from all employees

  • Workplace Safety and Health

 CogniSpark is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy work environment. Compliance with safety regulations and policies is a responsibility shared by all.

Code of Conduct

  • Dress Code

We encourage a dress code that reflects our culture of innovation and professionalism. Whether you’re in the office or representing CogniSpark externally, we trust you to make appropriate attire choices.  

  • Cybersecurity and Digital Devices

 In our technology-driven environment, the security of our digital assets is crucial. Employees must follow guidelines for the use of internet, company devices, and personal devices for work purposes. 

  • Conflict of Interest

We rely on our employees to act in the best interests of CogniSpark at all times. Any potential conflicts of interest should be disclosed and managed in accordance with our policies.

Compensation and Development

  • Compensation and Payroll

CogniSpark offers competitive salaries and benefits, reflecting the value we place on our team’s talent and dedication. Payroll details and schedules are communicated upon employment and are available for review in our internal HR system. 

  • Performance Management

Our performance review process is designed to foster growth and development. We set clear objectives, provide constructive feedback, and support your career aspirations. 

  • Employee Training and Development

Continuous learning is at the heart of CogniSpark. We offer numerous opportunities for professional development, including workshops, courses, and conferences.  

Benefits and Perks

  • Health and Wellness  

We support our employees’ health and well-being through comprehensive health insurance, wellness programs, and gym memberships.

Remote Work Policy

CogniSpark embraces flexibility. Our remote work policy allows employees to work from home or remotely, depending on their roles and project needs.

  • Working Hours, PTO, and Vacation.

We value work-life balance. Our policies on working hours, paid time off, and vacation are designed to provide flexibility, allowing you to rest, recharge, and pursue personal interests.  

  • Employee Resignation and Termination

Resignation Procedures

Should you decide to leave CogniSpark, we request a notice period as outlined in our resignation policy, allowing for a smooth transition. 

  • Termination Policies

In the unfortunate event of termination, CogniSpark adheres to fair and respectful procedures, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 


This handbook is a guide to help you navigate your journey with CogniSpark. It’s designed to answer your questions, clarify expectations, and provide a foundation for your success. We’re excited to have you on board and look forward to achieving great things together. Welcome to CogniSpark!  

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