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with CogniSpark video generation platform

Make studio-quality videos and content come alive for your podcasts, presentations, training, and tutorials with artificial intelligence.

CogniSpark Media Studio


is your one stop solution

With CogniSpark video generation platform you can easily convert text to speech, transcribe speech to text, record your screen, translate text in multiple languages, and even create AI video avatars with human-like avatars

Turn your words in captivating content 

Just like Chat GPT, the AI content generator empowers you to craft captivating blog posts, compelling emails, video scripts, impactful marketing content, interactive quizzes, and engaging e-learning and training materials.
CogniSpark Media Studio text to speech converter

Convert text into natural sounding AI voiceovers

Create an audio version of an employee training manual, making it more accessible for employees with reading difficulties or who prefer to learn through listening rather than reading. The AI text to speech converter also helps in generating ai voiceovers for presentations, videos, and other multimedia materials.

Turn your words into action

Convert spoken words into written text to automatically transcribe meetings, interviews, and more. With AI speech to text converter, you can quickly and easily turn your spoken words into actionable information, streamlining your workflows and increasing productivity.

CogniSpark Media Studio Speech to Text Converter
CogniSpark Media Studio Language translator

Break the language
Barriers with AI translator

The AI Translator is a valuable tool for businesses looking to expand their reach, as well as individuals communicating with people from different cultures. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to use and a versatile tool for breaking down language barriers.

Paradiso Kapture more
with Screen recorder

Recording your screen and webcam together is made easy. This feature allows you to capture valuable information through spoken narration as well as visual demonstration, making it perfect for creating e-learning content, tutorials, and future reference.

Paradiso Ai Media Studio Kapture free screen recorder
ai generated training videos

Wow your Audience
with the AI video generator

Generate videos with unique AI avatars or customize them for an engaging and interactive experience. With this technology, create  customized explainer videos, tutorials, and other forms of educational content from audio, blog posts, articles, and more. 

Create Realistic
Images from Text

Enter your text prompts to create an artistic image with your imagination with ai image translator. From cartoon portraits to digital art you can make any stylish picture you wish with this magical wand. You can use these images in various way for advertising and marketing.

ai generated training videos

Paradiso Ai

Why CogniSpark
video generation platform

With CogniSpark video generation platform you can enhance your productivity and quality 100x. Quickly access the features you need to create and edit audio and video content, transcribe audio files, and manage your media projects all in one place. Whether you’re a podcast host, video creator, or media professional, CogniSpark Media Studio has everything you need to take your media projects to the next level.

ai generated training videos

CogniSpark your one stop
AI video generation platform

Text to Speech

Let it turn text into voice, whether from a website, email, or document

AI content generator

Create course content outline to course content creation within minutes

CogniSpark - eLearning Media Studio

AI video generator

Cost-efficient alternative to the complex traditional video creation

Text to Image

Creates an image from a text description with Ai image generator

Cognispark AI

Elevate Your Course Content Creation Process With
The Help Of Our AI video generation platform

CogniSpark AI text to speech converter is a useful tool to convert any text into lifelike speech, thus allowing you to create various media content such as audio books, podcasts, voice contents and also applications that talk, and build entirely new categories of speech-enabled products.

CogniSpark Media Studio

Unique Avatars

Experience unique customized avatars to engage your learners

CogniSpark Media Studio

Multiple Languages

Understand with ease with the multilingual feature

CogniSpark Media Studio

Authentic Voice

Create audio files with any document file

A wide range
of solutions for content creators

Elevate the impact of your content with our powerful tools that will make your content truly magical. Create and distribute training materials in different languages, audio versions, video tutorials, and interactive avatars that can help to enhance the learning experience.


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Paradiso Ai Media Studio
Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you can still use CogniSpark Media Studio. It is designed to be user-friendly with no need for special skills or a steep learning curve.
Absolutely!. It runs directly in your internet browser, so you can use it on any computer with an internet connection. There’s no need to install anything or worry about updates.
You can use the software to create videos, podcasts, and other types of content.
Yes, the software includes support for multiple languages for translation in various forms.
CogniSpark video generation platform has 900 voices from Standard to Neural.
There may be limitations on the amount of content you can create depending on your subscription plan.