Free eLearning authoring tools

Top 10 Free eLearning authoring tools


When you’re a small training company, managing your budget becomes crucial. But how can you stay cost-effective while ensuring an engaging and professional learning experience for your learners?

The solution is straightforward: explore free authoring tools. Don’t be overly concerned about quality; numerous cost-free eLearning authoring tools can create impressive courses, regardless of your design expertise. Before diving in, consider a few key factors.

Start by defining your expectations with an authoring tool. Your choice should align with your business needs, so comparing your options is essential. Don’t select a tool solely based on cost. Ask yourself what kind of e-learning experience you intend to offer and which functionalities are necessary to achieve that experience. You may require specific content types or assessment features, so ensure your chosen tool supports them.

In this blog, we delve deep into four different free eLearning authoring tools to help you find the perfect fit for your requirements.

Top 10 Free eLearning Authoring Tools for Educators & Instructional Designers

This list provides a diverse selection of the best free eLearning authoring tools, all capable of creating engaging and informative courses.

Free eLearning authoring tools

You don’t need to worry about creating training content anymore! With the CogniSpark eLearning Authoring Tool, you can easily convert documents, presentations, and product details into interactive courses.

CogniSpark also has a free AI eLearning authoring tool that simplifies the process of creating courses with just one click. It is the go-to solution for organizations that aim to enhance teamwork and employee training. This tool enables the creation of lively SCORM-compliant courses infused with media inputs such as text, images, audio, and videos. Additionally, you can add interactive elements like avatars and quizzes, making the learning process engaging and interactive.

Its AI tutor feature also simplifies complex concepts and offers scenario-based simulations for critical thinking. It includes quizzes to test the learners’ product knowledge. Such features have boosted completion rates and knowledge retention among employees.

If you are a regular course creator with a small audience, a 14-day free trial of CogniSpark is an ideal option. However, to create courses regularly, you’ll need a subscription to access advanced features.


It is an eLearning tool that simplifies the creation of lessons and courses. It offers a user-friendly editor for crafting your content, allowing you to include various media types like files, documents, and quizzes.

Additionally, it provides reporting and tracking capabilities, making it function as an LMS. This free interactive training software permits up to five users and two courses, enabling you to create training content.


It is a cloud-based authoring tool that is ideal for creating and distributing eLearning courses and is compatible with any device. It supports LMS (SCORM) and HTML5 export, offering various interactive resources to engage your audience.

However, the free version has limitations: only one author is allowed, with restrictions of three projects and a total size of 0.3GB. Projects created using the free version display a watermark.


Adapt is an open-source content authoring tool with a contemporary responsive design. Despite being open-source, no programming knowledge is necessary to use it effectively.

It offers built-in SCORM export and access to a community-supported plugin library that extends its functionality. Adapt also facilitates collaboration among multiple authors on the same project, a feature not commonly found in free course authoring tools.


It is a free eLearning authoring tool designed for constructing courses featuring videos, quizzes, and branching scenarios. It provides pre-designed templates for rapid course development, allowing you to customize the appearance of your content to maintain a consistent brand identity.

However, it’s essential to note that it is only accessible when you deliver courses through Udutu’s LMS, which offers a free plan for up to 25 users.

Free eLearning authoring tools - Guroo-pro

It is an advanced authoring tool offering various impressive features. It allows for the creating of branching scenarios linking learning to real-world outcomes, personalized learning plans, and knowledge assessment using multiple metrics. Collaboration with stakeholders is made easy, enabling tracking and comment gathering.

The free account supports three team members, two programs, and ten digital modules per program.


Free eLearning authoring tools- CurrikiStudio

It is a free course authoring software that excels in crafting mobile-first activities like interactive multimedia, games, and simulations. It provides basic LMS functionalities for course sharing.

Unlike some free eLearning tools, it allows you to upload interactive courses to your LMS. However, it lacks support for eLearning formats like SCORM and xAPI, limiting detailed learner progress tracking.


Free eLearning authoring tools - GLOMaker

It is an open-source tool for structured interactive learning materials. It divides the authoring process into planning and designing phases. Planning involves creating a storyline with built-in design patterns or freestyle customization.

The designer phase allows for working on slides with various templates. It offers quizzes, slide shows, photo displays, videos, and audio players. However, beginners may need help with it. It offers a 7-day free trial.


Free eLearning authoring tools - CourseLab

It is a Free Interactive training software for interactive eLearning courses publishable online or on an LMS. It features a WYSIWYG content creation model, but its interface may need to be updated and more intuitive.

It allows the creation of slide-based courses with various media elements and quizzes. It includes ready-to-use eLearning module templates, but customization may require some learning. 


Free eLearning authoring tools - hiCreo

It is a powerful free eLearning authoring tool that simplifies the creation of interactive online courses. It provides customization options to cater to your audience’s learning needs.

It incorporates AI-powered features such as an AI assistant for guidance, AI text generation for quick content creation, and AI image generation for visually appealing graphics.

Select the Best Free eLearning Authoring Tool.

These free authoring tools for eLearning offer cost-effective options for creating eLearning courses. The choice depends on your specific needs and goals. For instance, CogniSpark is ideal for quick, quiz-based slide courses. If you seek customized interactions, lack technical expertise, and want to monetize your courses, it’s a good choice.

This powerful, free SCORM authoring tool is ideal for advanced projects and learning experiences. It enables you to develop professional online courses with diverse elements like voiceovers, quizzes, video tutorials, dialogue simulations, and interactive modules. You can explore its advanced features during a 14-day free trial. Ultimately, the best free eLearning authoring tools that align with your eLearning goals should be your pick. 

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