Free eLearning Authoring Tool

Convert your Docs into interactive eLearning courses by adding engaging elements from Quizzes to Videos - free of cost

Free eLearning Authoring Tool

CogniSpark AI

How Does CogniSpark Elevate Your Learning Experience?

Scale up with CogniSpark Free eLearning Authoring Tool

AI Free eLearning Authoring tool

CogniSpark simplifies the creation of captivating eLearning courses by automating the process and generating a complete course with 50+ slides, including lifelike spokesperson videos, voiceovers and images with minutes.

Free eLearning Authoring Tool
Free eLearning Authoring Tool

Free eLearning Authoring tool

Upload your text documents and create a course from scratch exploring your creativity. 

Our eLearning tool lets creators build courses easily. Arrange your content, make it interactive, and engaging. You can also add quizzes or tests as per your learners’ and course requirements.

AI Voiceover

CogniSpark AI voiceover helps create speech in various voices and languages. This free eLearning authoring tool has this feature inbuilt, enabling users to generate lifelike voices. Rather than relying on human voice actors to record audio files.

Free eLearning Authoring Tool
Free eLearning Authoring Tool

AI Video Generator

Creating top-notch videos used to be time-consuming, but CogniSpark AI video generator makes it quick and easy. It’s great for crafting informational and explanatory videos that help learners grasp concepts effortlessly.

Screen Recorder

CogniSpark Kapture lets you capture your screen, use your webcam, and make high-quality tutorials or training videos in up to 4k resolution. Speak and record valuable data simultaneously for a comprehensive learning experience.

Free eLearning Authoring Tool
Free eLearning Authoring Tool

AI Tutor Platform

With CogniSpark AI tutor platform, you can customize your own AI tutor. Give it a name that resonates with your learners, making the connection stronger. This AI tutor is available 24/7, helping learners understand complex topics in minutes.

CogniSpark AI

Fastrack Your Learning Process with CogniSpark

Free eLearning Authoring Tool

Turn PowerPoint to Interactive
Online Courses

Course creation doesn't have to be complex. With free PPT to scorm converter offers an easy solution to turn your PowerPoint slides into eLearning online courses. Simply upload your presentations, and then using the eLearning authoring tool and varied AI tools turn them into Scorm eLearning courses which can be integrated easily into any LMS or LXP.

Microlearning Made Easy

Designing eLearning courses, even the simplest ones, can create challenges. CogniSpark free AI eLearning Authoring Tool automates the process, generating concise, bite-sized courses within minutes with gamification elements embedded in it.

Effortless Course Creation

Creating eLearning courses from scratch can be a time-intensive task. However, the free eLearning Authoring Tool simplifies the process with its AI automated features without sacrificing quality.

CogniSpark AI

Simplify Course Creation
with the Free eLearning Authoring Tool

CogniSpark simplifies the course creation process, allowing you to develop interactive courses with ease. Enhance your content with interactive quizzes, engaging video tutorials,role-play simulations, and various interactions. It offers a range of professionally designed templates that enhance course creation, helping you get your courses ready quickly.

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Questions & Answers

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A free eLearning authoring tool is a software application that allows you to create, design, and develop eLearning courses and content without any cost. These tools are a cost-effective way to create engaging training materials, making them an excellent choice for individuals and organizations with budget constraints.

Certainly! Some of the best free eLearning authoring tools include CogniSpark Free eLearning Authoring Tool, iSpring Free, and Adapt. These tools offer various features to help you create interactive and engaging eLearning content.

While paid eLearning authoring tools may offer more advanced features and customer support, free tools can still provide essential functionalities like course creation, multimedia integration, and quiz building. The choice between free and paid tools depends on your specific needs and budget.
They may have limitations in terms of storage, export options, or the number of courses you can create. Some tools may also include watermarks on the content. It’s essential to review the terms and conditions of each tool to understand any restrictions.

Yes, you can convert PowerPoint presentations to SCORM format for free using tools like CogniSpark, iSpring Free or Adapt. These tools allow you to transform your PowerPoint slides into interactive eLearning courses ready for SCORM-compliant learning management systems (LMS).

When evaluating free SCORM authoring tools, consider features like the ability to import multimedia elements, create quizzes, track learner progress, and export courses in SCORM format. User-friendliness and available templates are also essential factors.
CogniSpark eLearning Authoring Tool is an excellent choice for creating interactive and engaging eLearning content. It offers a user-friendly interface, templates, and multimedia integration options to help you develop effective training materials without any cost.