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CogniSpark Kapture a desktop application screen recorder with no watermark Quick loading time with no screen recording limitations
Free Screen Recorder

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Excellent video quality

CogniSpark Kapture enables you to record your entire screen, use webcam and create tutorials, demo lectures and training videos in excellent video quality up to 4k. The process of video recording and making content engaging is now easier with this tool.

Enhance engagement with a web cam

You can keep the web cam on while your screen is getting recorded. This feature enables you to speak and record valuable information that you can keep with the screen recording. It can be used as an eLearning content, made as tutorials and can be used in future.

Screen recording without a hitch

The pathway to the final submission of the video is very simple with CogniSpark Kapture. You can easily record, edit and submit your video and share the final output.

Create, analyse, share your videos in seconds

Effortlessly share the recordings on other platforms. The CogniSpark Kapture screen recorder will help you create videos instantly and effortlessly with just one click.

Turn your videos into online tutorials

The content shared in the screen recording might be great to turn them into course modules and tutorials. CogniSpark Kapture allows you to build a content library.

Free Screen Recorder

Why choose CogniSpark Kapture for screen recording?

Free Screen Recorder

Records full screen, window, chrome tab

CogniSpark Kapture takes the recording of the entire screen to ensure that nothing is missed.

Free Screen Recorder

Records screen, webcam, and audio

There is no restriction on recording while using CogniSpark Kapture. You can record screen, webcam addition and the audio while the video is played.

Paradiso Kapture screen recorder

Creates smooth scene transitions

The screen recordings often lack quality and might lag during transitions in the actual video. CogniSpark Kapture ensures you have a smooth scene transition experience.

Paradiso Kapture screen recorder

Does not add watermarks

Unlike other free screen recording tools, CogniSpark Kapture does not add any watermark to the recordings so that you can use them anywhere.

Paradiso Kapture screen recorder

Has no recording limit

There is no limit on capturing the screen even if the tool is free. You can all the features without any restrictions.

Paradiso Kapture screen recorder

Quick Video editing

This feature allows to trim down the screen recording and keep the parts with important points. You can also keep the clips for tutorial purposes by just keeping the relevant data in the final recording.

Paradiso Kapture screen recorder

Records voice-overs and computer sounds

CogniSpark Kapture also records the sounds of the voice over and other computer sounds and gives the complete video with no lag or disturbance.

Paradiso Kapture screen recorder

High-quality resolution

The screen capture has a great resolution of up to 4k. You can use these high-quality videos for tutorials and for eLearning purposes.

Paradiso Kapture screen recorder

Mouse pointer Highlighter

This is a very useful feature for the users as they can use the mouse pointer to highlight the content while the recording is going on. They can keep notes of the important points to revisit while watching the recording.


Create videos
the Kapture way

CogniSpark Kapture is a great tool to create videos using screen recording feature. It helps in simple video creation by keeping the process convenient and straight to the point even for the first-time users.



Instantly create videos with a webcam and full screen view



Trim any section of the video you want with ease



Effortlessly download and share the video with any student, teacher or trainer

Turn your videos in online training anywhere you wish

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Create videos to simplify your work with the free screen recorder

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Users can download CogniSpark Kapture from the browser, choose what to record (screen only or screen and camera, Only Camera), after clicking on the ‘start recording’ button, the screen capture starts. You can stop the recording at any point of time to end the recording.

Yes, the recording of the screen comes with the sound recorded during the screen recording. You can edit the video later on.

Yes, the screen recorder tool- CogniSpark Kapture is free and comes with no restriction.

CogniSpark Kapture allows you to record your face through the webcam addition feature. You can click on the webcam and start the recording to record your face along with the screen recording.

There is no time limit on the recording, you can record the screen for as long as you want.

The available version of CogniSpark Kapture is compatible for desktop and can be used easily to record your computer or laptop screens.

Yes, CogniSpark Kapture is safe install for your browser and laptop or desktop. Your recordings are stored safely through the tool and nobody can misuse them.

Screen recordings through CogniSpark Kapture have no watermark so you can even post the recordings as tutorials and learning content as and where required.