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eLearning Authoring Tool

for Moodle

Easily enhance courses with engaging elements, upload to Moodle, and assess learner progress for better learning experiences.

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Why is CogniSpark the best
eLearning Authoring tool for Moodle

Make Interactive and highly engaging eLearning courses in Minutes with the power of AI that can be easily integrated into Moodle.

Build courses with gamified elements to enhance knowledge retention and make learning appealing and enjoyable for learners.
Turn your PowerPoint, PDF, and document files into fully SCORM compatible courses with ease.

Create a personalized AI tutor to help learners with difficult topics and provide instant feedback.

Stunning eLearning content built right
with this course creator

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AI eLearning Authoring Tool

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CogniSpark AI

Create more impactful eLearning content with CogniSpark Authoring for Moodle

CogniSpark offers a user-friendly experience, empowering all users to create valuable course materials with ease.
Our tool ensures courses adapt flawlessly to different devices, meeting the needs of mobile learners with easily accessible eLearning content.
With our AI video generator, easily craft engaging explanatory videos featuring lifelike spokespersons to enhance the appeal of your courses.
Create quizzes to access learners understanding and knowledge retention. These quizzes enhance the eLearning courses
Utilize screen recording features to transform raw content into responsive videos accessible to learners anytime, anywhere.

CogniSpark AI

Works perfectly with 150+ popular LMS

An easy-to-use eLearning Authoring Tool for Moodle

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Moodle is an open-source learning management system (LMS) widely used for creating and managing online courses and educational content.

Moodle is open-source and free to download and use. However, there might be costs associated with hosting, customization, and support services, depending on your institution’s needs.

Yes, Moodle is versatile and can be used for corporate training. CogniSpark can be the best Moodle content authoring tool to create, manage, and deliver training content to employees.

Yes, Moodle provides extensive tracking and reporting features. You can monitor learner progress, view quiz results, and generate reports to assess performance and engagement.
Yes, CogniSpark is the best eLearning authoring tool for moodle. It allows you to create engaging quizzes easily. You can choose from a variety of question types, customize quizzes, and even integrate with multiple devices to make learning more interactive.