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Discover The Top 10 Best SCORM Authoring Tools

In today’s dynamic eLearning landscape, SCORM authoring tools play a pivotal role in crafting captivating and interactive training courses. They empower instructional designers and training managers to customize eLearning courses that elevate learner engagement and boost knowledge retention.

With numerous options out there, selecting the ideal authoring tool can be daunting. Our detailed blog aims to navigate this challenge by delving into the best SCORM authoring tools for 2024.

We’re here to offer valuable insights, guide you toward tools that align with your learning and development goals, and ensure your initiatives thrive and meet your specific requirements.

From enhancing engagement to boosting retention, these tools are the key to transforming your training content into effective learning experiences.

What Are SCORM Authoring Tools?

SCORM authoring tools are software that helps make eLearning content meeting SCORM standards. They give designers and experts the power to craft and share engaging courses, quizzes, and tests. 

What’s cool is that these tools are user-friendly, so even if you’re not a tech whiz, you can create awesome eLearning content without needing to know how to code. This means you can make visually stunning and interactive courses without breaking a sweat over technical stuff. 

These tools put the power in your hands, allowing you to create engaging learning experiences without diving into complex technicalities.

What Are the Various Types of SCORM Authoring Tools?

These SCORM eLearning authoring tools fall into two categories:

Cloud-based tools

Cloud-based tools operate entirely online, accessible from external servers without downloading. Its ideal for remote teams working collaboratively.


On the other hand, desktop tools are installed on your computer, offering advanced features and customization without internet access.

How to Choose a SCORM Authoring Tool

When looking for a new SCORM-compliant authoring tool, several aspects are essential to explore for your organization’s specific needs: 

User-Friendly Design

The interface of your chosen SCORM eLearning authoring tools should prioritize user-friendliness to facilitate the creation of engaging and interactive online training content. An intuitive interface simplifies the course development process, saving time and effort. This ease of use fosters an environment conducive to effective learning, promoting simplicity and accessibility for content creators and learners alike.

Collaboration Capabilities

For organizations with remote teams or a diverse learner base, opting for eLearning authoring tools with robust collaboration features is beneficial. Look for tools that support:

  • Multilingual course creation
  • Shared eLearning authoring tools resource centers with versatile sharing options
  • Collaborative functionalities such as co-authoring and author control, facilitating teamwork, and ensuring standardized content creation across the board.

Easy Evaluation of Training Assessments

eLearning authoring tools with assessment features are vital for gauging how effectively learners understand and retain information after completing the training. These tools facilitate various assessments, from quizzes to interactive evaluations, enabling trainers to measure learners’ comprehension, knowledge transfer, and retention levels. Through assessments, trainers can identify areas needing reinforcement or improvement in the training content.

Performance Enhancement Tools

Dynamic eLearning authoring tools deliver training content and collect crucial individual performance data. They track completion rates, assess learner performance, and monitor progression, providing insights into employee engagement and understanding.

This data helps training managers tailor learning materials to suit individual learning styles, ensuring a more effective and engaging training experience.

Let's Discover the Top 10 Best SCORM Authoring Tools


It is an advanced SCORM authoring tool  for course creation. It’s a go-to solution for organizations aiming to enhance teamwork and employee training.

This tool allows the creation of lively SCORM-compliant courses infused with media inputs like text, images, audio, and videos, and you can add other interactive elements like avatars, quizzes, and voiceovers, fostering engaging and interactive learning.

Such features have boosted completion rates and knowledge retention among employees.

A. Quick Overview of CogniSpark AI eLearning Features

There is no need to stress about creating training content! With the CogniSpark  eLearning authoring tool, everyone from trainers to managers can craft captivating courses quickly. It’s a comprehensive platform where you can easily turn documents, presentations, and product details into interactive courses.

Share courses directly with employees or link them to any other systems. Our AI tutor simplifies complex concepts, offers scenario-based simulations for critical thinking, and includes quizzes to test product knowledge.

iSpring Suite

PowerPoint Integration for Engaging Courses

Scorm Authoring Tool

It is a powerful toolkit rooted in PowerPoint, simplifying eLearning content creation, especially for beginners. With no prior eLearning authoring knowledge needed, users can start by selecting a PowerPoint presentation.

The platform offers dedicated interactive tools within iSpring, enabling users to add engaging content easily. Once completed, courses can be quickly published into mobile-ready SCORM modules to be uploaded to the LMS.

Articulate 360

Suite with Storyline's User-Friendly Interface

Scorm Authoring Tool

It encompasses various tools, notably “Articulate Storyline 360,” enabling the creation of interactive slides for SCORM-compliant eLearning courses. Unlike iSpring Suite, it functions as a standalone application, offering more flexibility for diverse learning scenarios. 

This SCORM creation software combines a quiz maker, a screen recorder, and several other functionalities within a single platform, catering to comprehensive eLearning course creation. It also demands more expertise to fully leverage its capabilities.

Adobe Captivate

Versatile, Interactive, and Responsive Design

Scorm Authoring Tool

Adobe Captivate is a robust SCORM authoring tool that is a slide-based SCROM content creator with a quiz builder, interactive video maker, and content library.

Like Articulate and iSpring, it offers advanced features like SCORM software simulations and VR learning development using 360° images or videos. However, it comes with a steep learning curve, demanding extensive training due to its powerful functionalities and diverse capabilities.

Gomo Learning

Cloud-Based, Focusing on Dynamic Projects

Scorm Authoring Tool

It is a cloud-based SCORM tool that prioritizes mobile learning. Though template editing can be challenging, it excels at bite-sized learning.

Its multilingual course feature suits international organizations, enabling learners to choose their language. While its template customization might pose a hurdle, its strength lies in delivering courses effectively on mobile devices, making it a suitable choice for organizations focusing on mobile learning experiences.


Dedicated Platform for Testing and Distribution

Scorm Authoring Tool

Rustici Software develops a specialized tool for evaluating SCORM content. It’s particularly beneficial for pinpointing and resolving any reporting issues in your content. Rustici Engine, a part of SCORM Cloud, seamlessly integrates with your learning management system.

It offers a unified interface for launching, playing, and effectively tracking standardized eLearning content.


Streamlined Content Creation with a Free Plan

Scorm Authoring Tool

It is an accessible SCORM authoring tool suitable for various users, from e-learning professionals to subject-matter experts. Its “drag-and-drop” editor simplifies interactive content creation, eliminating the need for technical expertise.

This tool enables real-time collaboration among multiple authors and easily integrates with systems such as intranets, LMSs, LRSs, LXPs, or EPSSs, aligning with diverse knowledge management strategies.


Streamlined Content Creation with a Free Plan

Scorm Authoring Tool

It is a cloud-based platform that simplifies content creation, especially for larger organizations. With its mobile-friendly eLearning templates, it simplifies digital learning management. 

Its array of features, including team-level permissions, brand control, reusable assets, and localization tools, make it an efficient tool for managing and scaling digital learning. It offers additional functionalities like contact management, third-party integrations, an activity dashboard, and a template library.

360 Learning

Integrating LMS Functionality with Content Creation

Scorm Authoring Tool

It is focused on enhancing internal mobility by enabling organizations to upskill their workforce internally. Combining LMS and LXP capabilities with collaborative learning academies facilitates rapid upskilling for employees, customer-facing teams, and partners.

This unified platform simplifies onboarding skill-building and supports learning across various stakeholders from a single interface, boosting organizational learning and growth.

Why Should Training and Educational Organizations Invest in CogniSpark?

It redefines learning by merging AI tools with educational solutions. It offers unique AI-powered features to create eLearning content at scale, enabling educators to create engaging content that boosts learners’ understanding and memory retention. 

Our eLearning AI Tutor isn’t just about making courses interactive—it helps learners by answering questions and providing deeper insights into topics, changing how L&D people learn.

Advanced Features:

User-Friendly E-Learning Authoring Tool

It simplifies the process of crafting e-learning content by offering an easy-to-use authoring tool suitable for all skill levels. 

Interactive AI Video generator

Enhance learning materials by creating engaging videos with an AI spokespersons to enrich the learning journey.

eLearning AI Tutor

Learners receive instant help and solutions through this AI tutor, avoiding delays in resolving queries.
This feature captures the entire screen, facilitating the creation of high-quality tutorials, demo lectures, and training videos.

AI course creator

This smart AI-powered course creator simplifies the development of engaging courses, effortlessly enhancing training and learning experiences.  

CogniSpark SCORM authoring tool simplifies course creation. They offer cost-effective content development solutions suitable for all organizations. This blog outlined the top 10 SCORM authoring tools, providing options aligned with various training requirements.

To kickstart your organization’s learning journey, take a free trial at CogniSpark. It’s a step toward discovering the ideal tool to meet your training needs.

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